Levron in Industrial Insulation

When Levron Aerogel is used as an additive in conventional products such as rock wool, glass wool or ceramic wool, adds features like resistance to humidity and water, improved heat insulation, incombustibility, and longevity.

Levron felt is water resistant since it is super hydrophobic. In order to prevent from oil it is suggested to cover the Levron Felt with an aluminum band.

Levron Felt is also used in valve jackets or special applications which needs sensitive heat insulation such as gas turbines. Valve jackets will be more thinner and effective and easy to assemble.

Levron felt can be used repeatedly when maintenance work on repairs. It is very easy to install and disassemble. It is not possible to reuse the products that have been removed in traditional products.

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Levron in Construction Industry

As the energy use in the building sector accounts for a significant proportion of the world’s total energy consumption. Traditional insulation materials are becoming thicker to meet energy saving regulations.

Aerogel can be used in construction industry widely. It is used in heat insulation of buildings with paint form or plaster form. Aerogel is a very effective additive that provides thermal insulation and water repellency properties to construction materials.

Traditional Insulation Materials

  • Flammable
  • Humidity and Water Sensitive
  • Short Life Time
  • Higher Thermal Conductivity
  • Decreasing Efficiency by Time
  • Non-Breathing
  • Mould Sensitive
  • Thermal Bridges
  • Need Thick Application
  • Transport Volumes
  • Architectural Restrictions
  • Needs Nailing to Stick

Advantages of Aerogel Plaster

  • Fireproof
  • Water Repellent
  • Last Longing
  • Lower Thermal Conductivity
  • Stable Efficiency
  • Air Permeable
  • Mould Free
  • Monolithic Structure
  • Effective Heat Insulation with thin layers
  • Economic Transportation
  • Compatible Shape
  • Naturally Stick on the Wall

Levron Aerogel is used to change the heat transfer coefficient of paint. Paint including aerogel also gain water repellence ability. Additives with reflective properties can also be added into the paint.

Aerogel paint is a very practical way of saving energy. Aerogel paint is a suitable energy saving material in temperate climates. External application in hot climates gives very effective results. Efficient results are obtained by internal application when extra insulation is required.

Another usage area of Aerogel is fireguard plaster and paint. By adjusting the mix ratio and the resins of paint, it is possible to achieve fireguard plaster and paint in compliance with standards.

As known, when the steel exceeds the temperature of 600 degrees, its hardness decreases. This causes loss of carrying capacity. In case of fire in steel buildings, fire paints and fire plasters should be used to protect the steel until the extinguishing action starts. Aerogel can be used in paints and plasters produced to protect metal structures.
It can also be used as an Aerogel felt inside the fire doors. Fire doors can be painted with Aerogel paints.

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Levron in Heavy Duty Industry

Levron Aerogel can be used in the production of special materials for defense industry. Technical specifications vary depending on the project to be implemented.

Unlike other commercial products of Levron, 'Heavy Duty' products have much more advanced technical values. Modified Levron products have hybrid technical specifications to serve in difficult conditions.

Levron Heavy Duty products can be used in military aircrafts for RF/IR hiding effects.

Levron Heavy Duty products can be used in marine vessels for heat and sound insulation. As known, lightness and energy saving are priorities in sea vehicles. Also Levron Heavy Duty products can be used on the sea vehicles painting to decrease the friction coefficient at the surface.

Aerogel byproducts are specifically sought after for solutions that require localized protection from high temperatures. Levron Heavy Duty products can be used at armored land platforms for heat and sound insulation. Also Levron Heavy Duty products could be used for reducing the blast effect. It is also used as an acoustic damping ingredient and as a barrier for infrared rays.


Levron in Textile Industry

In Clothing sector, Levron Textile products are used in manufacturing of dirt resistant and thermal stability apparel. It is widely used in Miflon and Fiber products. In winter, it is desired that the clothes keep the body warm and as light as possible. Also breathable fabrics are very important for the comfort and health of the body. Warm and perspiring fabrics can cause diseases. As always, Aerogel can make much more thermal insulation than conventional insulation materials with very thin layers.

Fabrics that are processed with Levron bring innovation to the industry with their heat insulation and dirt resistance properties. Additionally, Snow boots and combat boots become much more lighter and resistant to cold when produced with Levron products intended for shoe and boot manufacturing. Aerogel can also be used to add fireproof properties to clothes. It can also be used in the manufacturing of firemen and camouflage clothing.


Levron in Natural Lighting Industry

Transparency rate of Levron Aerogel Lighting products are adjusted according to needs. For plaster or paint products transparency specifications are the least important factors but for the lighting industry transparency is the first important factor. This is why Levron is Consumable Aerogel, poly carbonate manufacturers can easily purchase Aerogel and improve their products heat insulation capability.

Heat insulation properties of the radiolucent structure is also maximized. Additionally, it is possible to have heat insulation levels of a 25cm thick wall with only 4cm width.

It is possible to utilize the daylight brightness in factories, buildings, and shopping centers with perfect light diffusion by using polycarbonate sheets as carriers.

Levron Transparent Aerogel granule size is adjusted to be filled easily inside the polycarbonate plate. This system provides two-way energy savings. On the one hand, effective insulation is made between inside and outside climate, on the other hand, natural lighting saves electricity.


Levron in Master batch Operations

Aerogel could be used as an additive in Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Rubber, Acrylic in order to add sought after qualities to materials including heat insulation, incombustibility, fire resistance, and water repellency.

Electric cables cover must be heat-and fire-resistant so that the overloading of the cables does not cause a fire. Electric cables cover could be safer by using Levron Aerogel at the production. Short circuits are prevented even if the cables are exposed to fire or overheating.

With Levron Aerogel it is possible to produce soles of work shoes exposed to extreme heat. It is also possible to produce heat insulated shoe soles for protection from cold.