Levron Aerogel is the result of 7 years R&D study. Started with thousands of laboratory experiments and completed with an integrated industrial plant which is serving in 14,000 m2 (108,000 ft2). Levron Aerogel production system is designed totally different from the usual production method. The focus of Levron production method is to easily obtain nano products in different types of raw materials.

In our R&D Lab, we produce other products such as Polymer Aerogel, Metal Oxide Aerogel, Carbon Aerogel, and Cellulose Aerogel.

Levron's continuous R&D studies will give direction to material science market. The purpose of the automotive industry is to develop a more efficient engine, the purpose of the white goods industry is to provide less electricity consumption, and every manufacturer tries to develop greener products. Our planet needs to pay attention to resources. Purpose of studies of Levron is to increase the yield of materials on a kg basis for a greener world.

You can see some frames below from our factory.