Levron Heat Insulation

Aerogel is known as the best thermal insulation material in the world. Micro porosity makes Aerogel an efficient thermal insulator. Aerogel's nano cell diameters are between 50-100 nm and these nano cells limit air molecules movement. When the air molecules interact less with each other, the heat flow is reduced. Convection and conduction heat transfer is limited because of porosity of Aerogel.

Thermal conductivity is composed of 3 factors, conduction, convection and radiation. Levron Aerogel contains air more than 90%, having extremely low weight thus Levron Aerogel has excellent thermal conductivity.

  • Thermal conductivity is between 0,012 - 0,016 W/m.K
  • Heat capacity is 1000 J/kg/K

In this experiment, 6 cm of rock wool and 2 cm of Levron Aerogel Felt were tested under the same conditions. Ice cubes on Rockwool and Levron Aerogel Felt melted approximately at the same time. An interesting point was the rapid increase of melting rate after the wetting of the Rockwool. Melting rate of ice cubes on Levron Aerogel Felt was constant. Melted water has moistened Rockwool and heat flow rate is increased. As known Rockwool or similar traditional insulators do not work well if they get wet. Levron Aerogel Felt has a great advantage at this point because it is super hydrophobic.

If the same Rockwool and Levron Felt were used on a new experiment with new ice cube couples, probably the new result will end up with twice quicker melting of ice cubes on the Rockwool. The reason for this expected result is the wet Rockwool.